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The Founders of Gerbing's Heated Clothing

In the 1970's when Gordon Gerbing designed and manufactured the first heated jacket liners for motorcyclists, he not only founded Gerbing's Heated Clothing, he founded an entire industry. We now have a brand new company, with the people who have the most experience keeping motorcyclists warm.

When we lost control of Gerbing's Heated Clothing in the early 2000's, we were sad to see the new owners outsource manufacturing from the USA to much lower cost overseas bidders. If you need a poorly made Jacket Liner fixed that you purchased someplace other than Gordon's, you need to go to that company. The company that bought-out the old Gerbing's Heated Clothing recently adopted a new name: gydesupply.

We, the Gerbings, with our new company Gordons, once again manufacture the highest quality, warmest heated gear. EVERYTHING FROM US IS MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA TO QUALITY STANDARDS. Compare our products to those from any other vendor, and you will see what we mean by true quality and real warmth. For personal service, call JoAnn Gerbing at 844-4WARMTH (844-492-7684).

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jacket liner

Introducing JL 2.0! The modern evolution of the heated jacket liner, with hi-tech, thin carbon fiber wires. No cold spots and no hot spots. Surround yourself with fast, evenly distributed warmth. Beautiful workmanship inside and out, so good that we offer a lifetime guarentee on the heating elements.


deer hide gloves

The most comfortable and warmest riding gloves you will ever wear. Crafted from deer skin leather with the Churchill™ glove company. American craftsmanship at its finest! Can also choose from many colors.

$199 Classic

$229 Gauntlet [shown]


heat controller

Our rugged, innovative heat controller allows you to adjust the heat without distraction while riding. Five clicks up to highest heat for jacket liner or gloves, with a free clip-on leather case.


Compatible with all Major Brands of Heated Clothing

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Gordon Gerbing is Back!

Gordon Gerbing

Gordon's Heated Clothing is not in any way related to any other company anywhere. After a medical crisis in which Gordon nearly lost his life, he did lose the company he founded. Now Gordon and three generations of Gerbings are back, with a new family company based on many decades of experience providing heated clothing for motorcyclists and power sports.

Gordon Continues his Lifetime Warranty!

The wiring on all heated clothing sold by Gordon's will be serviced for the life of the garment. Unfortunately we cannot service clothing sold by other manufacturers, including the original Gerbing's Heated Clothing, of which we have had nothing to do with since the early 2000's. The good news is that the 3rd generation of the Gerbing family is here at Gordon's. We plan to be around for a long time honoring our warranties.

Stay Warm
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